Saurabh Bajaj

Saurabh is an experienced iOS application engineer currently working in Pune, India. He likes to come up with simple solutions to difficult problems. Code quality, maintainability and pragmatism are his core programming principles. Being an iOS engineer, he gives great attention to the UX and UI of the project.

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Brew Surveymore_vert

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One Software for Offline Surveys, Mobile Forms, Data Collection & Lead Capture

Handwerker Stationmore_vert

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Handwerker station helps craftsmen to order manufacturer’s products from their connected shops. This app allows user to scan a QR code, get product details, add the product to cart and then place the order. I used native function api to scan QR code and received appreciation from my manager and client for it's performance.


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It's a next generation real estate sales tool. Sell.Do is fast, beautiful, easy & makes conducting follow-ups/site visits a breeze. Above all, it has a more powerful notification system. helps the real estate industry to get the best out of their marketing efforts, optimize cost and assist their sales team to achieve targets in almost no time.


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Mobicheck allows user to check if a mobile device has been marked as stolen or blacklisted by a mobile operator before you trade the device.

Tools and Experience

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Welcome to my website. Here I will be posting blogs related to iOS.


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